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A RUNAWAY MUSE is a blog that follows the life and musings of a Vancouver-based Interior Designer exploring all facets of design, influenced by completed design projects, fashion and home decor, and inspiring interiors created by others. Spotlight on past design experiences, product reviews, and occasionally opinionated thoughts on design trends (and faux-pas) can be found alongside posts on over-sized scarf addictions, drool-worthy floral arrangements, and nostalgic travel journals. Established in 2013.

RACHAEL SMITH is the curator, editor and author of A RUNAWAY MUSE, and full-time Lead Interior Designer D.I.D. of a boutique design firm in Richmond BC. Rachael is a small town girl now established in the big city, obsessed with light and bright interiors, unique decor, photography, travel, fashion, and hot americanos. Rachael's unpretentious outlook on life is a breath of fresh air in an often intimidating design process. By absorbing each client's unique personal style, Rachael's design aesthetic is constantly evolving with every completed design.

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