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Thursday, September 10, 2015

I was perusing mindlessly as one usually does on a Tuesday morning, and came across one of the featured articles for the week showcasing examples of tubs within the shower perimeters.

The article poses an interesting perception of an old classic that is now picking up speed in the design trend pool. The concept of the 'wet room', where you would have a shower enclosure that also houses the bathtub, has been done for hundreds of years. It's old news for scandi-nordic styles, and in many European countries where space was rather limited. Now, the North American culture {who in some cases have more room than they know what to do with} is loving this 'Wet Room' look just for the sheer wow factor and bragging rights.

Is it practical?

I feel quite divided on the subject. Sure, it looks bad ass. Your kids can splash about in the tub all they like without the slight care in the world. But what once was a perfectly-squeegeed glass now has soapy water droplets everywhere. Without showering soon thereafter, those pesky drops will cake on the glass in a not so lovely way. Am I just crazy here?

Also, it's obvious that shower floors are slippery. In this 'wet room' case, the flooring will have to be tiled to accommodate the entire shower and tub surround. No surprises here. Whereas you may not notice such a slippery floor while you're in shower-mode {90% of the time you're standing up straight and in one fixed position}, the acrobatic know-how necessary to climb in and out of a tub on a wet shower floor without cracking your scull open raises a red flag. Or maybe I'm just extremely accident prone.

What are your thoughts on the 'Wet Room' trend?

Stay classy,

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