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Sunday, August 16, 2015

TGIF! Feel like drooling over somebody else's home? Well then, do I have a treat for you! I got to assist my boss/design guru {a.k.a my Yoda} with this gorgeous project, and I couldn't wait to give you guys a sneak peak! Without further ado, let's jump right into it.

Our clients wanted their new home to showcase family friendly materials that are low maintenance but high on design. As with all our coastal inspired clients, the water colors resonated in their personal life so it was natural to work with a fresh turquoise and softer celadon color as an accent color against a base of crisp and soothing greys. The focus of the design was around the hub of the home which was the "great room." Maximizing a seating solution that catered to the large groups that often congregate at this beautiful home offered an opportunity to do something unique and unexpected like side by side custom chaise lounges. Special touches were sprinkled throughout the living and dining area, and the entrance.

Since Interior Designers are usually paid by the hour, we rarely get to touch the most commonly 'forgotten' spaces in our client's homes, mainly because they would rather spend the money elsewhere. But in this case, we got to have a little fun and start hot out of the gate with this Entry. Who doesn't love a blue front door?! All your friends will be jealous! Tying into the blue theme was the Chilewich utility mat - that can withstand anything mother nature has to offer - and some fun yet strategically placed toss cushions. And by strategic, I mean that they aren't usually there. We just needed it to look pretty for the time being ;)

Adding a hint of glam, the Star-burst Mirror and metal coat rack draw the eye up to really give the small space the pizazz it needs. The blanket box, made of reclaimed Pine, completes the space perfectly to act as a bench and also provide some nifty shoe storage.

Got kids? Here, have an atomic-bomb proof upholstered sectional. Well, technically that doesn't exist, but here's the next best thing. We have a full sectional wrapped in a grey linear fabric that has threads of Olefin (commonly used as outdoor fabric) and Polyester. This bad boy is as easy to clean as you can get with upholstery.

We also shook things up with throwing in two side-by-side chaises across from the main sectional seating (I've hinted to the idea once before in my Throwing Out the Rule Book post). Why? Because we can.

 Photography courtesy of Leo @ Lion Light Photography
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In the dining space, we mixed and matched woods to create a really cool, relaxed vibe. We've paired reclaimed wood side chairs (aka the "kid" chairs - pre distressed so if they bang it up themselves no one will actually know!) with two badass leather beauties on the ends. Sophisticated New Yorker meets Rustic woodsman.

Now you're thinking; how the heck do you come up with this stuff? 


What can I say, we like to shake things up.

Hope you enjoyed taking a peak at the project!

Stay classy,

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