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Monday, November 30, 2015

Up Close & Pinterest - Indie Vintage Styling

A hit of hipster with a dash of whimsical? Sign my up. I can not get enough of my current style obsession, so I decided to throw in an inspirational Indie-vintage post just for shits and giggles. Every image listed above gives me the warm and fuzzies. Don't you just want to get lost in an enchanted forest, make a rose crown, and skip through tall grass into the setting sun? Yes, yes, YES! 

You can thank my current work-load {drowning in a sea of paperwork and client projects} for this abnormal, yet peaceful break in Interior Design posts. It had to be done for the sake of my sanity.

If you're feelin' the love, head over to my Pinterest for more eye candy.

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Stay classy,

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