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Sunday, May 01, 2016

Renovation Adventures: West Coast Casual Living and Dining

Clean, minimalistic, and drop dead gorgeous; these were the top requirements from my client's during their 70's split-level remodel. For over a decade, they lived the lives of generous clutterbugs. To be fair, this bustling family of four focused their lives on spending time together outside and traveling to visit family,  rather than paying any attention to the ever-accumulating amount of 'stuff' inside their home. However, when they signed on to uproot their daily life and undertake a huge renovation, they also agreed upon starting their next chapter clutter-free.


After viewing the kitchen and the basement laundry room 'before' photos in previous posts, you can already imagine what the main floor great room looked like. I have one cheeky look back at the biggest eye sore in the room;

TASK #1 -Demolish the Existing Fireplace

The fireplace monstrosity was really something else. Classic lava rock, what a great idea, really. There was a wood burning fireplace {that didn't work} somewhere in there, layered behind a random cabinet, general junk, etc. I have a new found respect for the gentlemen who had to knock this puppy down.
Solution: Re-invent the fireplace with a new gas insert, large 12 x 24 marble tile application, and a floating limestone mantle finished to mimic concrete.  Since they have a gas Dryer, adding an additional gas line did not take a blow on the budget, so we were able to splurge a bit on the actual unit with all the fixings.

TASK #2 - Maximize Seating

 Uprooting their life of clutter and mayhem, we chose a very minimal, streamlined look with the furniture pieces to really keep the momentum going in their new clutter-free lifestyle. To keep the space from looking too cold, I played up the textures to make the space feel more welcoming than formal. Additionally, I sourced and extra-long sectional with "bumper" arms {large enough to actually sit on - which the kids love!} and two generous swivel accent chairs to give the space a touch of playfulness.

We didn't stray far from the original plan, only swapping out the coffee table. What we ended up with, was a space perfect for a family of four enjoying movie night, or a group of 10 preteens for a birthday party.


{Let's all just breathe a sigh of relief.}

The dining space completes our tour of the main floor, showcasing this gorgeous live-edge acacia wood table and bench, paired with white leather chairs that are a breeze to keep clean and look great. Behind the table is a cheeky peek at an IKEA PAX wardrobe slider {white with frosted glass doors} flanked by two kitchen cabinets for a legit built-in look and half the price. Now if the clients relapse on the clutter-front, they will have plenty of room to hide it!

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 Stay classy,


  1. This interior is amazing! Definitely meets the requirements of "clean, minimalistic, and drop dead gorgeous" :)

  2. Wow such an amazing transformation! Congratulations on such a beautiful job well done!!!


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