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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Renovation progress: Split-Level Revival

Last year, I wrote a series of posts outlining a few key experiences through a large renovation. The first phase of the entire project was tackling the lower level Laundry Room & Bathroom. Feel free to peruse my old posts for more in depth detail of the beginning stages of the renovation.

Fast forward to present time, my client's home has now been completely overhauled on all three levels, and I've just received the professional photographs hot off the press! To complete my multi-part series, we're starting off today with a look at the completed lower level space.


My client's J & J were yearning for a change when we met back in May 2012. They had lived in their late 70's split level for over a decade, and where finally ready to uproot the old and make way for the new. We started with their lower level mudroom, laundry room and bathroom.


The image above pretty much says classifies a 70's special: vinyl wall paneling, ceiling tiles, patterned linoleum, and a yellow toilet. The space felt dark and uninviting, cluttered and disjointed. J & J are both bright, bubbly and full of happy energy, and their space definitely did not reflect that.

I knew I wanted to maximize every last inch of the misused square footage, and focus on maintaining a crisp and clean design scheme while keeping each finish family and budget friendly. 

Task #1 - Specific Storage: Hockey Gear

Mr. J is an avid biker, and a recreational hockey player along with his 11 year old son. When I was presented with two large body bags full of stinky gear, I knew I had to come up with something brilliant to hideaway the bulk {and the stench}.
Solution: To save precious budget dollars on custom cabinetry, I chose to build out a "Walk-In Closet" style room with a heavy duty ventilation system. Install white wire shelving along two walls, and keep the floor space open for the occasional use of a drying rack after each activity. Close the door, turn on the fan, and voila!

Task #2 - Bathroom Woes

The existing bathroom of this space only had a working toilet and sink, but had rough in plumbing for a tub/shower that just didn't exist.  I could have just used the wasted square footage for the revamped laundry area and stick to a Powder Room, but in this 70's split level - there was only one other bathroom to service the entire home, and that lived on the upper floor. 
Solution: Revamping the floor plan allowed for an efficient 3 piece bathroom that would not only look clean n' fresh for their guests, but also alleviate some traffic jams on the upper floor bathroom.

Task #3 - Giving Back

Mrs. J could also be referred to as Super Mom. Her list of accomplishments are endless, all the while taking care of house and home with two almost-teens running amok. Although she never asked for it, I really wanted to create the new Laundry space that would spoil her.
Solution: We saved a ton on the cabinetry budget using pre-made IKEA cabinets. I was able to create a mock-kitchen feel with a large island that would not only provide the space for laundry-esque tasks, but allow Mrs. J to spread out while crafting, roll out the dough for her mouth-watering baking {I was gifted her homemade treats for Christmas at it was divine!} and all in all offer a quiet retreat away from the family when needed.


Behold the brilliancy that is the new floor plan! I was able to complete everything off J & J's wishlist with a complete gut of their space. And without further adieu, enjoy the finished product;

Couldn't you see yourself actually enjoying folding laundry {while seated!} in this bright space? Even IKEA cabinet's don't look half bad dressed with a warm white quartz counter top and a playful glass mosaic backsplash!

The bathroom transitions seamlessly from the main laundry space, mimicking the cabinets  with a highgloss white vanity, a peek-a-boo style backsplash, and a stunning crisp white shower {with light grey grout - easier cleaning!}. We were able to splurge on a marble accent mosaic after our savings with a pre-made vanity {that even came with the sink, faucet, countertop and mirror!}, acrylic shower pan, and a one-stop-shop shower system.

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Stay classy,

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Photography by the talented Leo @ LionLight Photography

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