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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Neutral Nurseries

I'm not one to stray far from colour {haven't you seen my latest project?}. This may be the main reason why I absolutely adore Nursery design. You can throw out the rule book and pretty much get away with anything. Having a fun and playful colour scheme adds energy and life into a small space, which is just what some new moms need whilst raising their bundle{s} of joy.

But with all that said, I still find it refreshing to see a Nursery now and again that feels more like a peaceful retreat than colourful circus. And what better way to add fuel to my obsession, than to share a few styles that I'm currently drooling over. Which paints a super awkward picture in your head right now.  


A warm and soft colour palette can be a no-brainer fellow Nursery connoisseurs. Slap up a taupe or tan on the walls, layer on the textures like IKEA's Faux Sheepskin,  and a furry pooch and you're good to go. Natural wood tones mixed with white pieces of furniture complete the space.


Where a warm neutral Nursery is classic, a grey neutral Nursery is new age. Grey has been the heavy hitter in the design industry, taking it over by storm.

One thing I've noticed, is that I could only find one completely grey monotone design to share {above}. Anything and everything grey/nursery related, ALL has splashes of colour. My best guess as to why that is, since I like an explanation for everything, is that a cool-toned {blue undertone} mono-grey space can feel cold very quickly. Especially when you're not upping the texture count. Colour will distract from the cooler feel, by adding energy into the space. Then again, grey really just makes any colour look good!

I hope you've enjoyed my little slice of inspiration today! If you too are a Nursery design addict {because I swear that's a thing} feel free to follow along my own Nursery obsessions that I've shared so far on the blog.


Stay classy,


  1. Love the first one. Any nursery that includes animals and strays away from the usual pink/green/blue/yellow combo is automatically my fav haha.


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