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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Project Spotlight: South Surrey Condo

It's not everyday you get to paint an orange accent wall and get away with it.

To my great fortune, I had the opportunity to work with amazing clients, newly retired B & G. They handed me a blank canvas, their newly built condo in a gargantuan complex, with only two table lamps to their name. They were jumping into a new chapter in their lives, downsizing from family life and starting fresh with new furniture and a new outlook.

When you find clients who put their complete trust in you, you tend to keep them close to your heart. B & G were always light-hearted, good humored, and totally put up with all my crazy ideas during the entire pre-planning process. After working closely in the four months leading up to their move-in date, they chose a fun, fresh design plan without hesitation. For a look behind the scenes, click over to Designs & Tips for Downsizing and take a gander at some details on bringing B & G's space to life.

Here's a complete look at their finished space!


Photography done by the talented Leo @ LionLight Photography.

I'm still buzzing off this win, and looking forward to breaking down and analyzing each space to give you tools to create this look in your own home!

Stay classy,


  1. What a fun home! Love the chandelier above the dining table and the bedroom with the blue accents. Great job--glad you had fun doing it, too!

  2. This place looks amazing. It seems so bright/light and so spacious for a condo. B & G are very lucky and sound so nice, I hope they enjoy their beautiful new condo! I love the orange wall but my favourite part is the living room :)


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