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Friday, January 29, 2016

Obsession: Cute Notebooks

I'm a sucker for good marketing. But not in the sense where I watch a commerical of a Revlon lipstick and instantly have the urge to buy it. Not today sumbliminal messaging, not today. Instead, I have the very peculiar gravitational pull to purchase when it comes to stationary. I can make no sense of it whatsoever, thus I feel like it falls under the 'obession' category.

I have stacks upon stacks of notebooks, agendas and dayplanners, journals, and even fancy sticky-notes. Because one cannot have too many sticky-notes. The kicker is... I don't write in journals or keep a diary {hello, blog}, and I don't keep notes in an agenda {hello, iPhone}. I don't even write grocery lists. So that's where my obsession becomes 'weird'. Is stationary-hoarding a thing? If I was an avid scrapebooker I may have been able to get away with it..

So today I feel like embracing my inner weirdo and whip up a post that showcases the cute stationary items I'm currently lusting over. Let's jump right in.

Favourite Etsy Finds:

1) Recycled Geometric Notebook $8.59 CAD

3) Artsy Notebooks set of 3  $13.74 CAD

4) Floppy Disk Notebook {!!!} $6.30 CAD

5) Feather Personalized Notebook. $17.18 CAD

Chapters Roundup:

1) Anything and everything Kate Spade. $12.00 - $14.00  CAD

2) Decomposition Notebook. $8.00 CAD
Who doesn't want a Sloth smiling at them every day?!


I cannot confirm nor deny my potential purchasing of all above products :)

If anyone shares this obsession with me, don't be a stranger. Let's be weird together.

Stay classy,


  1. I love, love, love stationary. I do keep notes in a notebook, that's usually what I use when I'm working on a blog or other idea but need some space to write and cross things out. Although, I hate starting a new notebook because it's too pretty to ruin, that's pretty irrational. I also bought my agenda on etsy this year, I wrote a whole blog post about it. So I hear you and completely understand.

  2. I love stationary and notebooks are my favourite thing to collect. I buy small notebooks for diaries and use A4 books for school. I'm very strict with myself about only buying notebooks to use them or if I don't I have to give them to someone else.

    1. Good on ya! Over the years I've just totally let myself go. I tried to be strict in the beginning but now I'm just full on cray!

  3. I love notebooks! I have far too many though, because firstly I buy them, and then people see that I like them so they buy me notebooks as well! I have to find a way of filling them up now!

  4. I too have a thing for cute journals and notebooks. My problem is that I DO write in them, and misplace them, and it seems my thoughts are all hanging out randomly... but at least they look cute!
    Found you via Happy Kids blog hop, now following via GFC, hope you can stop by my blog and follow too!

  5. Stopping by from Happy Kids, Inc: Blog Hop! Now following you via Bloglovin'

  6. I looooove the pen!!!!



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