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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Holiday Cheer: Red & Silver Glamorous Christmas Decor

The Holiday Cheer Series: 2013

Are you ready to pick it up a notch this Christmas? Girl, I got you.

The ultimate look for Glam lovers, this red, white and silver Holiday colour scheme is the perfect mix of bold contrast and sophisticated sparkle - and not a tacky ornament in sight. The more over-the-top you go, the better you pull it off. Time to dust off that three foot white peacock!

For your dream Glam tree, start with a synthetic white tree and wrap with over-sized white garland or ribbon. Then start layering in opaque white ornaments {or sparkly white poinsettias!} to complete a very textured, modern, white-on-white look. Throw in punches of silver to polish off the overall Glam feel. You'll then be left with an absolutely stunning tree. {Extra bonus points for topping your tree with a large animal, haha!}

Red, a classic Christmas colour, spices things up and keeps your decor from looking too cold. Paired with white and a dash of silver... a recipe for success!

If you have large scale ceiling fixtures at the ready, hang an assortment of large clear snowflakes in different designs, sizes, and heights. This modern play on the 'winter wonderland' theme catapults your decor expertise miles ahead of your competition {namely, that friend of yours who nicknames themselves Martha Stewart, or your obnoxious and judgmental second Aunt twice-removed who complains about the water spots on your silverware}.

Here are a few other examples of inspiring red, white and silver decor;

I hope you've enjoyed this year's installment of Holiday Cheer! Which is your favourite look so far?

Stay classy,

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  1. Lovely decorating. Would love to have you link up to our party, my sister's and mine. Best wishes, Linda

    Following also.

  2. there's a whole lotta awesome holiday cheer going on over here, that's for sure :) Rachael, i love all the curated collections you've amassed. the immaculate eye you have is quite something! i'm a huge glam fan and have our place tinselled out to show my avid support for all things sparkly. ha! thanks for the added insp, just beautiful all around. ♥

    ps: thanks for the Tayeh love --- she sends you a cyber high fiver, um, with a paw of course!

  3. Hi Rachel, First time visiting! Your blog is so pretty and I hope you post something new soon:) Your holiday ideas are so pretty and I like the white tree at the top. We went with flocked this year and I think we will do it again next year. The decorations you show here are just gorgeous. Hope your 2014 is off to a great start! leslie


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