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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Holiday Cheer: Turquoise, Celadon & White Christmas Decor

The Holiday Cheer Series: 2013

November has arrived, and I'm instantly in Christmas mode. I have no shame.

The main ingredient to my madness {and thus enabling my addiction} is my job, where every year we close the shop doors for Halloween and completely transform the showroom into a winter wonderland. By the time November 1st rolls around, I'm already covered in glitter and humming a Christmas classic.

In attempt to help you ease in to the impending holiday season, I'll be showcasing different on trend looks for Christmas 2013. By the time December rolls around, you'll be fully equipped and practically spoon fed with plenty seasonal inspiration for your own abode.

Layers of turquoise and celadon blue, popped with crisp white, give a twist to the classic blue scheme {usually paired with silver}. If you're looking to update your decor and impress your neighbors, this unexpected pairing of blues goes a step beyond the current Christmas trends. The punch of turquoise instantly adds life and vibrancy, where the white & celadon soothes the space, creating a perfect balance.

If you're a lover of shabby chic or Cape Cod cottage design, pair this scheme with rustic woods in washed out tones, and layer whites on whites {easily accomplished with dishware and linens} to enhance this look.

Craving more inspiration, here are some examples of different expressions of this colour scheme;

Shabby Chic: Janet Coon @ ShabbyFufu showcases a more subdued expression with a delicate sprinkle of Christmas themed decor.

Styling by Leslie Shewring via Decor8

The perfect celadon baubles @ The Bottom of the Ironing Basket 


What trends have caught your eye for this holiday season?

Stay classy,

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  1. I absolutely love these colors.
    They look so gorgeous!!

    Keep it Touched,

  2. Thanks for linking up on my Bloglovin' Blog Hop. Thank you!

    Happy Kids, Inc

  3. I love the colors! So glad I found your blog! :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ooooh so pretty! I recently decorated my whole home in a very beach cottage style and have been tossing around what colors to use for Christmas this year. I'm loving this idea. So glad I clicked your link on the Blog Strut! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.

  5. So pretty! I love these colors of the holidays. I also really adore sort of rustic snowy white sort of tend as well!
    Kallie, But First Coffee Blog

    1. Thanks Kallie! Love your youtube channel by the way ;) xx

  6. I'm so in love with turquoise christmas! Maybe this year i will try it on holidays:)
    Have a nice day!

  7. The blues you used and the acid/apple green are my favorites to combine. Have to have some green in there. To me those colors are my best/favorites. I love the ocean also and lakes with pine trees.
    Went back up to look at how you
    combined the colors with white, this is also how I use them with the green. So clean and cheerful looking. Happy Thanksgiving. Pinned your photos/this post

  8. Hi Rachael, I love turquoise in combination with almost everything! I think it looks especially great with black and white and natural tones...In fact I like all ocean colors, as long as they don't have any touch of violet. I would like to ask you, if you would like to participate in my blog presentation which I am running at the moment. I would like to present three to five blogs next month and I am searching for outstanding and individual blogs to participate. You can find more info here:
    I would be really great. Bye, Sarah


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